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US 192 Alternatives Analysis
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Final Alternatives Analysis Report

This document is the Study's final report and gives an overview of the study process, corridor existing conditions, purpose and needs, alternatives analysis, locally preferred alternative, and outlines next steps for project implementation.

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Recommended Alternatives

Below is a map of the SR 50 Recommended Alternative. The SR 50 Recommended Alternative is Bus Rapid Transit service traveling in mixed-traffic along SR 50 from Oakland in west Orange County to SR 434/Alafaya Trail, then up Alafaya Trail to UCF. The project will be implemented in phases with Phase 1 (to be implemented in the next 5 years/2020) providing service between Powers Drive and Goldenrod Road. Phase 2 service would be implemented in later years, dependent upon future growth and development patterns along SR 50. Phase 1 is proposed to operate at 10-minute frequencies during peak times and 15-minute frequencies during off-peak times. It will include features such as enhanced stations, unique bus branding, transit signal priority, off-board ticketing, and user amenities such as free Wi-Fi on the bus. The alternative also includes a enhanced connection between two of the biggest activity centers in the Region, Downtown Orlando and the UCF Area, through an Express Bus Service. The Express Bus Service is anticipated to be implemented in the next 1-2 years.

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Short List (Tier 2) Alternatives

The following map show the Shortlisted Alternatives that are being considered for the Study. These alternatives are being evaluated to understand how well they support the corridor’s needs, goals, and objectives, including each alternative’s potential cost and ridership.

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Alignment Alternatives

Below is a map of the alignment alternatives analyzed during the study. These alternatives will be run through an alignment comparison process to determine a locally preferred alternative.

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Existing Conditions Report

This document is a section of the Study's final report and discusses the existing conditions along the full length of the corridor through a variety of qualitative and quantitative data sources, including land use and parcel data, travel demand data, stakeholder interviews, transportation data, transit ridership information, and crash history.

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